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The year leading up to the Runoffs was pretty challenging,
with the "event" at Chuckwalla resulting in the need to completely rebuild
the car for the second time. But, with the help of a lot of great
people who gave a ton of time and talent, John and Ken Never Gave Up.
(This sticker is on both ends of the wing, where John had put them
on her first time back on the track at the beginning of the year.)

**********Friday, October 3rd**********

Trailers lined up, waiting to get in

Pit space in the paddock


**********Sunday, October 5th**********

The Corkscrew

Track Walk

**********Tuesday, October 7th**********

Breakfast at Camp

On the Grid, waiting to go out for Qualifying

Impound, after Qualifying

**********Wednesday, October 8th**********

Driver and Crew Chief looking at "data"

Lacey coaching Grandpa before Qualifying

Heading to Qualifying, and sitting on the Grid waiting to go out.

On the front straight of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca!

Checking tires on pit lane after Qualifying.

Back to the pit after Qualifying

Working on the Exhaust (it got so hot, it collapsed the pipe)

**********Thursday, October 9th**********

In the famed Corkscrew at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca!